Sunday, 24 October 2010

The Rock

I was somewhere this week when someone had a picture of God wanting to remove 'boulder' from people's lives. Boulders being huge immovable rocks blocking the way ahead.
As I pictured this, I pictured obstacles in my life as we prayed.
However, I had the strangest sensation that God was not wanting to remove the boulder, but He wanted to lift me onto it, where I would be closer to Him... the very thing that I felt blocked my path, would actually bring me closer to Him.
This was in my mind as I went to church & to my interest & amazement, many of the songs we sang today were about 'the rock' the Laura Hackett 'When I am afraid...Lead me to the rock that is higher ' song (wonderful song!

It struck me as I studied the word that God brought water out of the rock (Num 20:11), honey and oil from the rock (Deut 32:13) & fire from the rock more than once (Judges 6:20, 13:19). The rock is often used as an analagy for the Lord in many psalms & in Job - who must sure have felt the oppressive suffering was like a rock in his life and yet also reflected upon the amount of treasures found within rock (Job 28)

Something I wrote today:

is the rock that blocks my way.
Yet even as I strike it with bare fists
water flows from it.
As I give in and give my all as an offering
so fire flares from it
consuming all.
Then the sweet honey
and anointing oil
drip from it
and I am blessed.

Hands lift me
onto this rock which blocked my way
and now my feet are on it
and I see it is You - this rock.
You hide me on it in Youself
I am lifted up
Protected and safe.

My way no longer matters
For I stand on You, my rock
and your ways are laid out all around
and I see you
face to face
and am lost in wonder
love and praise.

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