Monday, 21 November 2011

Submission and Surrender

You can surrender to many things.
You can surrender to your circumstances and put them on the throne.
You can surrender to your sickness, your past, your wounds, or your feelings and enthrone them
Where they will rule you like a merciless dictator.


You can surrender to me
And see how I can release the power of the these things
See how I break the yoke of the oppressor.

It means letting go of the pain, the victim in you, the status of the wounded one.
It means becoming ordinary, but whole, as I intended you to be.

Will you do that?

It will free and release you to embrace my healing and know my freedom.

We can be united in a holy, joyful, divine embrace.
Receive the spirit of sonship.
There is no better place to be than in my embrace.
The dove with wings of silver and feathers of gold will rest upon you and dwell in you.
Those who the son sets free will be free indeed.

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