Monday, 25 March 2013

Broken is Beatiful?

So is broken beautiful? Or is it just messy and obsolete? I passed an old broken boat the other day. There was just enough of it to make out it had been a boat.

It didn't look beautiful. It just looked broken. Surely it's destiny would be to be bright and shiny, sailing the ocean free, not rotting in the mud.

But as I thought about that, I imagined that perhaps it has sacrificed its freedom to become permanently embedded and anchored to a 'home' . And it has become a home for countless little sea animals that live there. Much of the time, when the tide it up, it is completely hidden. It is empty forever of people, but it is full of water. Were the water not from our polluted land, it would be washed clean.

It is broken but it is washed, full of water and it is home. Perhaps there can be beauty in brokenness.

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